Personalized Targeted Therapy in Refractory or Relapsed Cancer in Childhood

Official Title

Personalized Targeted Therapy in Refractory or Relapsed Cancer in Childhood(TRICEPS Study)


A new research paradigm that involves sequencing tumour DNA/RNA to identify driver mutations, select among the Health Canada approved drugs (for adult cancers) known to block certain oncogenic pathways, and recommend these drugs to the treating physician, without taking into account the tumour histology. In this paradigm, the treatment is targeted to the actionable mutation(s) i.e. those driving oncogenesis. It is also personalized to the molecular signature of the patient's tumour, irrespective of its histopathological subtype. The experience of the investigators team in genomics, including next generation sequencing and bioinformatic analysis combined with the clinical expertise, bring at last this approach within our technical capacities. In parallel, the number of Health Canada-approved drugs (which have been tested in a pediatric setting) designed to interfere with oncogenesis pathways is increasing exponentially.

Trial Description

Primary Outcome:

  • Feasibility of performing genomic data-based targeted therapy clinical trials in childhood cancers with poor prognosis, including relapsed or refractory cancers.
Secondary Outcome:
  • Number of children with cancer who are suitable candidates for targeted therapy at our institution each year.
  • Number and type of driver mutation(s) found in our population of recurrent or refractory cancers.
  • Number of cancer patients who harbour actionable driver mutation(s) that can be targeted with a Health Canada approved targeted drug.
  • Feasibility of performing whole genome sequencing and data analysis, identifying a drug based on the genomic data and offering this information to the medical team, the patient and the family within 10-week time frame from diagnosis

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